Fina005: Sultans of Swing EP

label: Fina
cataloguenumber: FINA005
Releasedate: 11/12/2011

Summer has all but gone as the darkness draws in, the clocks go back, and FINA Records releases something a little different for the night owls. Cosmic Dutch space cadets Morning Factory step up for FINA 005 with a slow motion rhythm and tone EP. Having previously appeared for Yore Records and brother from another mother 2020 Vision, the guys have been busy in the windmill whittling a perfect autumn release.

Sultans of Swing EP doesn’t quite shadow Dire Straits but it certainly delivers. Hypnotic title track of the same name is features futureproof basslines, layered with an enigmatic drowning echo-led synth while ‘Lady’ adds a different finish to the wax. Here we find D’Angelo’s 96 vocal hook effortlessly breaking through the shuffling punchy bass.

There’s no Edam to be found on the reverse either as mysterious edits man Cottam reworks ‘Sultans of Swing’ into a mid-tempo cosmic number. The elusive producer found three of his tracks in Phonica’s Top 50 tracks in 2009. We think we made the right choice.

We present…Morning Factory – Sultans of Swing EP