label: Clone Jack for Daze
cataloguenumber: CJFD014
Releasedate: 31/10/2012

Clone Jack For Daze back to it’s roots with some deep and powerful Chicago house tracks. This time it’s Morning Factory on duty with a beautiful melodic and emotive two tracker! No secret that the CJFD series is inspired by the heritage of Chicago house music in all it’s forms. Morning Factory are taking us back in a time machine to the early days of Chicago labels such as Relief, Warehouse and Dance Mania with releases from guys like Tim Harper, G-Strings, Paul Johnson and Ron Trent. Back then young guys who were pushing boundaries with deep emotive house tracks containing a raw machine funk that was an essential part of house music in that period of the late 80’s and very early 90’s. The days that fragile melodies and layers of strings got combined with fierce energetic drum machine rhythms expressing the energy and moods of the young producers doing things never heard before with hardly any references other then some guys from around the block. The days of no references are way past us, but music from the heart will always stand out! Recommended.